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Shade in the Desert!!

Posted on February 1, 2015 at 12:55 AM

While deserts are seriously short of water and Suns River meets that need, there is another commodity the desert is equally short on. Shade. There are very few places which are sufficiently shaded from the strong desert sun and almost none where the soil can be cultivated. The Suns River Still creates a space beneath the Still panels and on its northern side which GETS CONTROLLED DIRECT SUNLIGHT.


This means that the residents of the desert not only get a source of clean water - they get a plot of land about 20 meters x 20 meters on which they can grow food crops out of the blistering desert sunlight. Crops grown in partial shade require only a fraction of the water to sustain growth. The combination of water and food are a huge support for people all over desert and desertified lands.  



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