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Water From the Sun For a Thirsty World

KII/Suns River

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Merlin Company is pleased to announce a new venture aimed at addressing food, water and housing issues in water starved, desert areas in the Asia Pacific (excluding Australia) and MENA markets. Using revolutionary housing design and unique solar powered desalination from KII/Suns River, water and food production will come from raw desert using seawater as the water source.

Seawater & Sunshine = Life in the Desert

This breakthrough installation shows what Suns River desalination and Green Magic Homes( ) make possible in raw desert. The installation is in the Research Technology and Innovation Park adjacent to the American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. It is a venture of Merlin Green Magic Homes and KII/Suns River at the University Park.

After centuries of failure, there is finally a way to use solar power to desalinate salty water, produce pure water for home and farm use and have housing in raw desert. The project feeds seawater, produces distilled water and dry salt and demonstrates a whole new concept in economical desert living. We’ll let the site speak for itself.

For information about this new player in the water/food/housing market contact Sharad Bachani at [email protected] or (971) 04 380 6660 or Hill Kemp: at [email protected] US 318-315-1534.



Feeding only salty water and sunshine the installation in Sharjah, UAE at the American University of Sharjah Innovation and Researcch Park is producing food at truly miraculous rates. The unique combination of technologies and growing techniques are producing food in raw desert at unprecedented rates. This can revolutionize food production for millions of people around the world. Site Tour: 

Inventor Hill Kemp added, “The UAE has an initiative to assist its citizens that live in rural areas. Our stills will help ensure that those residents have an adequate water and food supply.”