Your water needs. .

. . .from the Sun

Water From the Sun For a Thirsty World

KII/Suns River

With either rooftop or ground location Suns River equipment will make a nice addition as well as yielding critically needed water. The operation is noiseless and there are no internal moving parts. A simple low pressure water pump is its most complex component. The operation is automated and needs only occasional attention.

Adding the SunXFlash® multi-stage flash option increases productivity with solar collector/evaporators ganged together. This option serves requirements in the 5 to 20 cubic meters (1,300 – 5,000 gallons) per day range. The process excels using inland saline water feed sources as well as seawater. The minimal electrical demand can be met with local power or by using solar PV cells for off-grid operation.

Why us?

We envision a world where the supply of good fresh and safe drinking water for homes is no more than a 15 minute walk from where it is needed. Our equipment can be sized to fit the use rate. For industrial applications Suns River can replace costly demineralization and softening equipment and eliminate salt brine disposal. No special training is needed to operate the equipment.

For a more indepth view of Suns River Solar technology Mr. Azari based his Masters of Engineering thesis on the process. He confirmed the 80+% recovery of solar energy. It is here:

Houman Azari Thesis